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Al Rayyan

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Al Wakra

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Al Khor

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Ras Laffan

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Madinat Al Shamal

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Object Wisata

  • Sealine Beach Resort

Situated 55 km from the capital, the resort offers a large variety of rooms, villas and chalets, all with a sea view. The resort also has many sports and recreational activities and a number of restaurants, alongside with meeting and conference facilities.

  • The Palm Tree Island

The Palm Tree Island is 10- minute boat ride off Doha Corniche. The Island has children and family amenities, a restaurant offering seafood and barbecue meals and a cafe serving snacks and refreshments. There is also a jetty for traditional Dhow boats close to Doha Sheraton Hotel on the Corniche waterfront.

  • Entertainment City (the Kingdom of Aladdin)

The Kingdom of Aladdin lies in the West Bay area. It has more than 18 game features to suit all age groups. It also has a rest house, an artificial lagoon, a theater and a cafeteria

  • The Zoo

The zoo lies 20 km from Doha on Salwa Road. It has a varied collection of animals, reptiles and birds as well as a small amusement park for children.

  • Al Bida Park

This park lies on Doha Corniche. It has grass areas, children rides, a popular market and restaurants. It opens around the clock and entrance is free of charge.
There are other parks on different locations in the capital, besides Al Wakrah and Al Khor parks. Entrance is either free of charge or at nominal rates.

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  • Khor Al Udaid Beach

This beach lies on the southeastern most part of the country, 78 km from Doha. This beautiful beach is distinguished by its fine sand dunes that can be as high as 40 meters in some locations. Other fine beaches include Fuwairit, Dukhan and others.

  • Al Jassasiya

Al Jassasiya are a range of rocky hills overlooking the northeastern coast of the country between the two villages of Al Huwailah and Fuwairit. They are famous for their numerous stone carvings and engravings, some of which date back to prehistoric times.

  • Almaha Sanctuary

Almaha (oryx) farm has been established to protect this species of endangered desert deer. Almaha is the national symbol of the State of Qatar.

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